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High-grade specialty coffee, sourced from Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

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Las Lajas, Yellow Honey

Las Lajas, Yellow Honey


Known for its innovative production of natural and honey processed coffees, LAS LAJAS is a third generation farm run by Francisca & Oscar Chacon in COSTA RICA’s Central Valley. Intense focus is given to monitoring variables in their picking and processing, allowing them to reproduce several different styles yearly, all named after their drying methods. This YELLOW HONEY is sun dried for three weeks on raised beds and frequently turned with all but a thin layer of its fruit pulp removed. It dazzles any drinker with its syrupy sweetness, abundant tropical fruit, and lively acidity. A blend of CATURRA and CATUAI varietals, it also exhibits enough body to pair well with milk as filtered coffee or espresso.

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