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High-grade specialty coffee, sourced from Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

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Catalan de las Mercedes

Catalan de las Mercedes


This beautiful coffee from producer Nico Hammond is from an overlooked coffee producing region of Guatemala called San Martin Jilotepeque. At 1800 meters, the terrain is rugged, with dry air and a climate that is generally similar to Antigua, which sits an hour south. The profile, however, is quite a bit juicier than your typical coffee from Antigua.

Catalan is a very small farm, whose production is largely gobbled up by Guatemala's domestic specialty giant, &CAFE, and a long term partner in Canada, thus, it is seldom seen in the US. 

Hammond is a meticulous, young, and enthusiastic producer, whose hard work has paid off. Our red bourbon is a washed lot, dried on raised beds, resulting in a deeply complex, fruit forward coffee with layers of cocoa and cinnamon that emerge as it cools. We settled on the tasting note "subtle" in the hopes that drinkers would take a few moments to contemplate just how deep this coffee goes.   

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