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High-grade specialty coffee, sourced from Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

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Coopedota - Costa Rica

Coopedota - Costa Rica


Founded in 1960, COOPEDOTA is a voluntarily joined, and democratically run cooperative of coffee farmers, centered around the wet and dry milling opeartions in the town of Los Santos, in the county of Dota. The name itself is a combination of the words “coop” and “Dota,” the latter meaning “high mountains” in the language of the indigenous people from the kingdom of Huetar Este who occupied the region.   As an organization, COOPEDOTA is committed to improving the socioeconomic prosperity of its members and their communities, as well as taking on environmental concerns. In 2011, they became the first cooperative ever to be certified CARBON NEUTRAL for all aspects of their coffee production. They are also tireless innovators in their pursuit of increased coffee quality, and we were lucky enough to see their latest experiment on our visit in 2016: a solar powered “ferris wheel” of drying beds for increased airflow.   In the cup, you’ll find a balanced, washed coffee, with earthy notes of tobacco and orange zest, giving way to a clean finish with hits of cocoa. Its approachable profile does well to expresses the humble, communal story of its origin.

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