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High-grade specialty coffee, sourced from Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

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Ninho da Aguia - Brazil

Ninho da Aguia - Brazil


Producer Clayton Barossa has become so well known within Brazil for his naturally processed coffees, that he normally takes advantage of this increased demand by roasting his own coffee. His organic farm sits on the downslope of a national park in Caparao, and benefits from very clean run off, and generous amounts of both rain and sunshine. 

Given the size of the farm, and the success of the producer/roaster model for Clayton, we are extremely lucky to have this coffee for you! 


The depth and complexity of this coffee amazes me. Drinkers will find a highly structured cup, with ample sweetness and florals framing an underlying note of barley which is quintessential to the Brazilian terroir it expresses so beautifully.

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