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El Tambor Decaf - Guatemala

El Tambor Decaf - Guatemala


PRODUCER: Victor Calderon
REGION: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
ALTITUDE: 1800 masl
VARIETAL: Pache, Caturra, Red Bourbon
PROCESS: Washed, Swiss Water Decaffeination
TASTE: Almond, Cocoa, Orange, Plum

More from our importer, Onyx Coffee:

Many decades ago, farming families on this land heard a huge thumping sound underground, but only in the rainy season. It was attributed to a large underground waterfall, but the sound has not been heard since WWII. This is where the name El Tambor, or 'The Drum', comes from.

This award winning Palencia farm was founded in 1930 as a cattle ranch and in 1966 was planted with coffee. In 1930 the Franco family bought small farms and formed El Tambor. In 2001, the Calderon family purchased El Tambor, trading it for a house closer to the coast where they had previously farmed. The climate at El Tambor has cold weather overnight from November to March, slowing maturation in the cherries to produce a characteristic sugary sweetness. El Tambor has a distinguished record in the Cup of Excellence, winning awards in 2007, 2015, 2017, and 2018.

The Calderon family uses biodynamic agricultural practices, which Victor just calls "common sense". They use only organic practices, without chemicals, and spread clay to combat rust. The finca is on a migration route for butterflies, which flutter all over the area, the rich canopy of trees on the farm forming a haven for them.

  • Area: 211 ha

  • Type of soil: Loamy-Clay

  • Altitude Range: 1800 + MASL

  • Shade Trees: Inga, Manzana, Gravelia, Avocado

  • Harvest season: December to March

  • Drying process: Sun dried on patios, 12 - 20 days

  • Mill: Wet and Dry

  • Annual production: 250 (69-Kg bags)

  • Average Temperature: 23°C

  • Annual Rainfall: 1,300 mm

  • Relative Humidity: 15%

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