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Field notes cataloguing our green coffee buying farm visits at origin in Mexico and Guatemala, including glossary of specialty coffee terminology

Sierra Mixteca

We’re pleased to release our lot from the Sierra Mixteca Cooperative this week, despite unforeseen delays in its arrival to the US. This February, 2018, Christina Chin and I had the pleasure of visiting with this group of small producers who were finishing their harvest for the year, which helps us paint a clearer picture of this coffee’s story.

Sierra Mixteca is a mountain range situated in the northern part of Oaxaca, and this coffee comes directly from the community of in the smaller region of Yucihiti. The Mixtec people are one of the dozens of culturally distinct indigenous communities living predominantly in Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Puebla states. In the town of Miramar, Yucihiti, the Cooperativo Sierra Mixteca was formed in 2012 to provide local farmers with better leverage in the export market. It also enables them to centralize aspects of processing, transportation, and storage, as well as providing them with extra access to financing.

Made up of 140 members, most of these farmers operate very small farms of .5–3 hectares, where the vast majority of labor is performed by the farming families with little to no additional workers. They are committed to organic farming. We visited with two such families who we’re profiling here.



SIZE: 2 Hectares

PRODUCERS: Sofia Perez Hernandez & Meinardo Timoteo Garcia Garcia, as well as their son Gildo Garcia Perez, and Concepcio Garcia.

VARIETALS: Mainly Typica, Gesha recently planted.


Ripe Cherries at Finca Nuite

Ripe Cherries at Finca Nuite